EXTRUDER: extruder machine for manufacturing of colored pellets (granules)
MODEL: - SM / EXT- 100
Feed Material LLDPE  Granules virgin
Capacity 100 kgs/hr
Total H.P. 47 HP
BASE The Extruder is mounted on a steel frame of welded construction to make it
sturdy. The construction is such so as facilitate easy accessibility to various parts for better maintenance. The main drive motor compete with reduction gear box is mounted on base frame.
DRIVE The drive to the screw is through a A.C Motor. The extruder screw is coupled to a
Helical reduction gear unit having in built thrust Bearing. Drive from motor to gear box is through Rubber Belts & Pulleys.
The load is transmitted by screw to this thrust bearing sleeve housed in large
capacity roller bearing. Complete thrust housing is dipped in oil.
The complete drive system is provided with safety devices to ensure a trouble free and smooth performance. Indicators for current, voltage etc. are also provided. This unit incorporates two nos. of roller and one thrust Bearing of adequate rating to effectively counters thrust by the screw while running.
BARREL Single piece construction barrel made of alloy steel. The barrel has a central feed
opening for the raw material.
The barrel is heated by ceramic Band Electrical resistance heaters in different
zone. The heating parameter in each zone is controlled separately. The Control
Panel housed the temperature indicating controllers for each zone.
COOLING WATER Cooling tank with its stand.
PELLETIZER Pelletizer with standard make Motor, 9 inch 7 No Blades (6 Rotary and 1 fix).
Various controls are housed in separate controlled cabinet. The cabinet houses
various controls including:
Temperature Controllers, Ammeter with selector switch, Temperature Scanner other necessary electrical components such as Contactors, Relays,
Push Buttons, Indicating lamps, voltmeter, fuse units / MCB etc….
Foot mounted , class “ F “ insulation suitable for 415 V / 50 Hz / 3 Phase   / AC
supply Electric induction Motor of standard good quality make.
Main drive 30 HP X  1440 RPM
Heaters 9No’s 15HP
Pelletizers 2HP
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