The need for a water tank is as old as civilized man, providing storage of water for drinking water, irrigation agriculture, fire suppression, agricultural farming, both for plants and livestock, chemical manufacturing, food preparation as well as many other applications.

Throughout history, wood, ceramic and stone have been used as water tanks. These were all naturally occurring and manmade and some tanks are still in service.

Population growth, rapid urbanisation, industrial development, rising agricultural needs and overuse of lakes, waterways and aquifers - all put pressure on water supplies.

Rotational Moulded Plastic Water Storage Tanks are modern way of storing water economically.

Water Storage Tank industry is growing very fast in every part of the world be it rural or urban developed, developing & underdeveloped countries.

Water Storage Tank industry is recession proof industry.

Linear Low Density Polyethylene ( LLDPE ):

LLDPE rotational moulding grade range is used for the manufacture of water tanks of all types, marine floats, traffic barriers, canoes, small boats, and almost any hollow, enclosed or open ended shape. LLDPE incorporates excellent balance of properties for rotomoulding applications. Significant advantages provided by LLDPE for rotational moulded articles

  • - Superior Crack Growth Resistance
  • - High Impact Strength
  • - Excellent UV Resistance (In Select UV Stabilised Grades)
  • - Good Processability And Wide Operating Window For Moulding
  • - High Stiffness And Creep Resistance
  • - Good Moulding Release
  • - Low Warpage

Masterbatches ( Concentrates ):

The most common method used by rotomoulders. Masterbatches consist of conventrated pigment disppersed into a polymer carrier resin. Natural resin is pre mixed with masterbatch and feed into compounding extruder to achieve the desired color.

Dry Blending & Melt Compounding:

The compounding enables excellent mixing of the pigment throught the polymer matrix, this results in the pigment being homogeneously distributed within the polymer.

Advantage of Melt compounding:
- Better Properties of moulded part.
- Excellent pigment dispersion
- HIgher ESCR
- Better Opacity & Brightness.


Rotational moulding needs resin in powder form. The particle size, shape and particle size distribution is measure of powder quality. Powder quality plays a very important role in rotational moulding. Following are the resultant effects of the good quality powder.

  • - Optimization of charge weight to meet rising compitition.
  • - Improved finish and colour of the product.
  • - Reduced fusion time in oven.
  • - A good quality light weight multi-layered and foam insulated tank.

Rotational Moulding:

Shreemomai offer range of Rotational Moulding machines from 500 to 30000 lit capacity. Single Station EN Serise machines are highly suitable for low and medium production needs. Three Arm Range are highly suitable for mass production.

Clamshell type Bi-Axial Machines are suitable for producing large size of tank. It is very important to select right size and type of machine so that cost of production is low.

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